West Haven Real Estate Information

Located on the western show of New Haven Harbor west haven city with such a great economic development due to it strategic location on Interstate 95 in Connecticut hence attracting tourist and offering commuters great access to there destinations. Its history of is captivating dating back 1648. West Haven has managed to retain its unique personality holding different festivals dancing and concerts at the beach on different seasons. Also the city has got attractive site which includes West Haven green a 134 years old meeting house for worship and civic functions.

West Haven has got advanced transport system being well connected by both road and rail transport on land also there three international air port among other air port and to top that it has got a nice harbor that can handle big ships and also ferry system.

West Haven’s shoreline is one of the most attractive locations for bird lovers here one can spot rare and endangered show birds species. The Sandy Point estuary is also the area where Sammy the harp seal has been spotted. There world class hotels that goes for very affordable rates and even better they located few meters from the show