Wallingford Real estate Information

Wallingford town is located in New Haven County in the state of Connecticut, America. It was established in 1667 and currently has a population of over 45,000 residents. The residents of from different cultural backgrounds, the different races consist of, white non-Hispanic who make up 92% of the population, the remaining percentage, represents other races including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and others.

Wallingford has various attraction areas that would be of interest to tourists. These areas include; Hall Elton building built in 1847 among other old well-maintained buildings of the 18th century. Center Street Cemetery, a burial ground where the earliest settlers of Wallingford are buried. Johanna Manfreda Fishbeing Park is a beautiful park with a gazebo and it is popular with the locals for weddings. Paul Mellon Arts Center, the locals perform theatre productions and local artists exhibit their work at the center. Other places of interests are theaters and auditoriums, parks and gardens, amusement and theme parks.

Tourists can sample the different cuisines offered at the town, such as, Italian, Korean and Middle Eastern. There are various shops in the town one can visit. There are also different bars and clubs one can visit for a night out, relaxation and fun. Wallington town offers fun, excitement and many activities to engage in, for couples and families.