Milford Real Estate Information

A Short Peek into the Town of Milford, CT

The town of Milford, CT is located in the County of New Haven within the state of Connecticut of the United States. One of the main features of this city town is the idyllic and extensive natural shoreline. Regarded to be the 6th oldest town in the state of Connecticut, Milford also takes pride of its valuable educational system and the Milford Public Library that is providing programs to young children such as story telling and other activities related to its commitment to intellectual arts.

The town also has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and places to see for local and international tourists visiting this ideal place for travel in Connecticut. Parks, public beaches and swimming pools are there to provide ideal activities to both the young and the old coming to this nice town. Different kinds of sports are also given nice arenas within the town with the presence of many nice golf courses, venues for fishing activities, skating activities, and other valuable and enjoyable activities that equal fun and fulfillment for a Milford travel.

Traveling around the city of Milford would not be a burden with the presence of local and intercity bus service as well as train passenger services going to nearby cities. Major airports provide an easy gateway for many international tourists interested to see what the town of Milford; CT has to provide for sightseers and activity lovers. There are a lot of things that you would have fun discovering when you visit this town in Connecticut.