New Haven Connecticut Communities

New Haven County located in the state of Connecticut has a population of approximately 820,000 residents and it constitutes a group of towns. The largest cities in New Haven County are Waterbury and New haven. The total number of towns is 42 and each town has its own local government that is in charge of maintaining law and order in the communities.

The New Haven County Directories has all the information one would need regarding all the 42 towns in the county. Each town is unique in its features, population, business and industries, recreational facilities, educational institutions and attraction areas. To learn more about the history of Connecticut, one needs to visit Connecticut Historical Societies found in eight of the towns, this include, Hartford, New Haven, New London among others.

There are different kinds of businesses and industries found all over New Haven County each dealing in various things, such as, steel industry, technology among others. For example, general Datacomm industries dealing with computer networks are found in the town of Middlebury, Connecticut Steel Corporation is found in the town of Wallingford and many others.

New Haven County boasts numerous attractions, this include, the comic and cartoon museum located in Cheshire. Golf courses found in various towns, the Quassy Amusement park in Middlebury, the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, the Holiday Hill in Cheshire, which is a beautiful 200-acre resort that attracts thousands of tourists and couples who would like to hold their weddings and Yale University, one of the top five universities in the world located in New Haven.

If you intend to travel to New Haven County be prepared to travel all around the different towns because some of the most famous attractions in Connecticut are not centralized in one town, every town has something to offer. It is worth paying a visit to New Haven County because of its diverse historical culture and amazing attractions.